Money Speaks

EP 35 // Are we rich?

June 25, 2019

It's our first Money Speaks throuple and not gonna lie, this was my favorite episode to date!

This week, we are joined by Emily Bartholomew AND her boo, Robert Ford. You got a sneak peak of him in episode 31, but now he's here to grace us with his voice, which he normally reserves for calling Houston Astros games (#humblebrag).

The three of us have a blast chatting about Robert's early days in the Bronx and how he tripled his salary with a single promotion. Plus, you'll hear an epic #moneymoment involving a $70 steak, a shame spiral, and an emergency bank transfer from an off-shore account. Okay, maybe the last part is only half-true, but it did lead to an interesting conversation where the duo asked themselves... "are we rich?"

Find out the answer to that question, and much more, in this episode! 



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- Mixed & edited by Annika Cline